Pryen Pocket Tool

The Pryen pocket tool is a small bottle opener and pry-bar, small enough for your pocket and strong enough for everyday tasks.  I have 3 styles of the Pryen, the standard straight bar is the 'Pryen' I followed this with a triangular version named the Pryen 'Shard' and the Pryen 'Edge' a squared off chunky version.

I currently produce these in Brass, Copper, Damascus, Titanium, Carbonfibre, Kirinte and G10. Also Mokume, Zirc, Damasteel can be requested as custom orders.


As you can see from the photos above I have a few different finishes on these Pryen pocket tools, the main finishes preferred are the rock pattern and the rough distressed look.  The titanium ones usually get the heat treatment for blues, purples or rainbow colours.  I have also done some anodizing on some of the Ti versions.

Here are some Pryens with the different styles and finishes available. 

Here some examples of a 'mini Shard' version of the Pryen, novelty but with purpose.  They also make good zipper or bag pulls.