My name is Neil and I'm a 33 year old London worker, been within the same business since I was 18 running print machines and copiers. 
I have never really liked my job but then most of us don't do we... but I have continued to work 5 days a week since 18. 

In 2015 I wanted to start my own business, something that was mine, created by me, run by me and funded by me. I have always been the creative type making something from nothing or having the ability to build something from my mind, this pushed me to follow what I actually enjoy doing 'working with my hands'
Since 2015 I have done the day job Monday to Friday and worked on my company & projects evenings and weekends solidly. 
I have built a small name for myself making custom tools, modifications to client tools and even doing custom work upon request. This is awesome for me and is certainly where I want to be in this life.


All photography by Neil Middleton

Future Plans

Continue to build my small business and develop new tools and finally get around to grinding out some knives, so much time devoted to hand made tools and mod work currently.

I have a couple ideas that I will develop and bring to life soon, currently getting my Nebula anodised finish perfect to where it is almost controllable.